Cheer Squad – Digital single out now


Cheer Squad is a high-energy bolt from the zeitgeist… it’s a song about social media and not fitting in with the crowd, with an attitude that harks back to the 70’s punk era. The song is driven by inter-weaving guitars and runaway train rhythm section reminiscent of the kind of rock’n’roll that Motorhead, Thin Lizzy and The Hellacopters do so well… but the lyrics and subject matter are NOW!! The song could have or should have been on the next Leadfinger album but the band decided it deserved it’s own place in the world… check out the accompanying stop motion animated video here.

Cheer Squad was recorded in mid 2015 when Leadfinger spent a few weeks in Linear Recording Studio (Leichardt, NSW) recording a new album called FRIDAY NIGHT HEROES that will be out later this year on the Conquest of Noise label.

Cheer Squad is a non-album exclusive single release and is backed up by The Man I Used to Be, a preview track from the upcoming album. Available for purchase here or Bandcamp.